Project goals

The goal of MODELISAR is to create an innovative, open and complete solution for:

  • Modeling of vehicle-related systems
  • Generation of embedded software
  • Integrated simulation of vehicle systems and control software

The definition of a simulation platform that takes into account the dynamic behavior of embedded systems and software (functional mock-up, FMU) and is open to any simulation tools will create a new generation of methods, standards and tools that allow for collaborative design, simulation and testing of such systems across different disciplines.  This offers a number of advantages to the automotive industry:

  • Errors in systems and software are detected early, thereby minimizing costs.
  • Collaborative innovations can be achieved by system and software teams.
  • Tests are conducted on the model first, even before the prototype, which saves tremendous expense.


Solution approach

To achieve the MODELISAR goals, it is necessary

  • to enable the simultaneous design of systems and software (through the combination of the modeling language "Modelica" and the standard for software development in the automotive industry AUTOSAR),
  • to develop innovative interfaces for exchanging models and linking simulators and
  • to create an integrated process for embedded systems and software over the product life cycle.
Project status: completed

Further Information

The research project MODELISAR paved the way for Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI). This is a tool independent standard to support both model exchange and co-simulation of dynamic models. Learn more about FMI with the following links.


MODELISAR was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the ITEA program (Information Technology for European Advancement).