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Scientific Publications 2022

You can search here for the publications of our scientists in 2022.

Publication Type
2022 State-Space Model of an Electro-Mechanical-Acoustic Contactless Energy Transfer System based on Multiphysics Networks
Mendonca, L.S.; Minuzzi, E.V.; Cipriani, J.P.S.; Radecker, M.; Bisogno, F.E.
2022 A Framework for Ultra Low-Power Hardware Accelerators Using NNs for Embedded Time Series Classification
Reiser, Daniel; Reichel, Peter; Pechmann, Stefan; Mallah, Maen; Oppelt, Maximilian; Hagelauer, Amelie; Breiling, Marco; Fey, Dietmar; Reichenbach, Marc
2022 Social-Media-Analyse zur Pandemieprognose. Wie Daten von Twitter zur Erkennung von Krankheitswellen genutzt werden können
Mey, Oliver; Loos, Anne
2022 Machine Learning-Based Optimization of Chiral Photonic Nanostructures: Evolution- and Neural Network-Based Design
Mey, Oliver; Rahimi-Iman, Arash
2022 Erkennung von Ladevorgängen für elektrisch betriebene Fahrzeuge mit Hilfe Deep-Learning-basierter Analysen von Smart-Meter-Stromverbrauchsdaten
Neubert, Martin
Master Thesis
2022 Design of a Highly Efficient Buck Converter in 22nm FDSOI Technology
Tanwani, Rivana
Master Thesis
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