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The »Fraunhofer-Publica« is a publication database of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. It contains the scientific publications and patents from the institutes.

Conference contributions and proceedings as well as articles and university papers by employees of the EAS Division are also registered here. Electronically available documents can be downloaded as full text directly from the database. For other publications, the reference sources are cited.

Scientific Publications 2019

You can search here for the publications of our scientists in 2019.

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2019Benchmarking Workshop on (active) vibration damping
Reischl, Daniel; Mayer, Dirk; Herold, Sven; Mrak, Branimir; Venkatesan, S.K.; Berger, Wolfgang; Nader, Manfred; Depraetere, Bruno
Conference Paper
2019Design of an analogue sensor frontend for acoustic condition monitoring in I4.0: Poster presented at Application Design Technology Conference, ADTC 2019 and edaWorkshop 2019, 14.-16. Mai 2019, Dresden
Zeugmann, Björn; Shende, Milind Ashok
2019Development of a Low Power Long Time Delay Circuit in Ultra-Deep Submicron Technology for Asynchronous SAR ADCs
George, Sandra; Manoli, Yiannos (Examiner); Reindl, Leonhard (Examiner); Albrecht, Christian (Advisor); Jotschke, Marcel (Advisor)
Master Thesis
2019Development of a Switched-Capacitor Programmable Gain Amplifier with Ultra-Low Power Consumption in Deep-Submicron SOI Technology
Pozhidaev, Vadim; Meiners, Mirco (Betreuer); Jotschke, Marcel
Master Thesis
2019Estimation of Energy Transfer Function Sensitivity using an Energy-Based Heuristic Operator Method
Radecker, Matthias; Le, Li; Nunes Marchesan, Ricardo; Diniz Junior, Ricardo; Landerdahl Albanio, Filipe; Ecke Bisogno, Fábio
Conference Paper
2019An experimental study on HCI under various stress conditions: Presentation held at ITG MN 5.6 - Fachtagung fWLR: Wafer Level Reliability, Zuverlässigkeit-Simulation & Qualifikation; 27. Mai - 29. Mai 2019, Dresden
Lange, André; Weddeler, Nicki; Wagner, Jakob; Bogacz, Steffen; Drehsig, Daniel
2019Fast Analog Layout Migration with IIP-based Automation: Presentation held at Design Automation Conference, DAC 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2-6, 2019
Prautsch, Benjamin
2019From Constraints to Tape-Out. Towards a Continuous AMS Design Flow
Krinke, Andreas; Horst, Tilman; Gläser, Georg; Grabmann, Martin; Markus, Tobias; Prautsch, Benjamin; Hatnik, Uwe; Lienig, Jens
Conference Paper
2019Intelligente Produktion von morgen - Maschinendaten sinnvoll nutzen: Blog-Beitrag auf
Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf
Online Ressource
2019Langlebige Prozessoren: Wie Chips altern und Entwickler gegensteuern
Lange, André
Journal Article
2019Machbarkeitsstudie zur Verwendung energieautarker adaptiver Schwingungstilger in technischen Anwendungen
Koch, Michael; Mayer, Dirk
Conference Paper
2019Modellierung der Zuverlässigkeit bei Entwurf und Verifikation von Mixed-Signal-Schaltungen
Jancke, Roland
2019Multiphysics Challenges and Solutions for the Design of Heterogeneous 3D Integrated System
Steinhardt, Alexander; Papaioannou, Dimitrios; Heinig, Andy; Schneider, Peter
Book Article
2019NBTI degradation and recovery in analog circuits: Accurate and efficient circuit-level modeling
Giering, K.-U.; Puschkarsky, K.; Reisinger, H.; Rzepa, G.; Rott, G.; Vollertsen, R.; Grasser, T.; Jancke, R.
Journal Article
2019Reliability testing and stress measurement of QFN packages encapsulated by an open-ended microwave curing system
Adamietz, Raphael; Desmulliez, Marc P.Y.; Pavuluri, Sumanth Kumar; Tilford, Tim; Bailey, Chris; Schreier-Alt, Thomas; Warmuth, Jens
Journal Article
2019A Security Architecture for RISC-V based IoT Devices
Auer, Lukas; Skubich, Christian; Hiller, Matthias
Conference Paper
2019Toward consistent circuit-level aging simulations in different EDA environments: Paper presented at 31. GI/GMM/ITG-Workshop "Testmethoden und Zuverlässigkeit von Schaltungen und Systemen", TUZ 2019, 24.-26. Februar 2019, Prien am Chiemsee
Velarde Gonzalez, Fabio A.; Giering, Kay-Uwe; Lange, André; Lahbib, Insaf; Crocoll, Sonja
Conference Paper
2019Towards an Expert System for Energy Saving and User Engagement in Existing Buildings: Presentation held at 7th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop, LDAC 2019, Lisbon, Portugal, 19-21 June 2019
Pruvost, Hervé; Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf
2019Towards "Zero-Power" Signal Conditioning IPs for IoT: Presentation held at 14th Silicon Saxony Day, 18. Juni 2019, Conference Center Dresden Airport
Jotschke, Marcel; Prautsch, Benjamin
2019Ultrasound Piezo-Harvester Energy Transfer Systems for MachineTool Sensor-Charger Applications
Sangoi Mendonça, Lucas; Radecker, Matthias; Killat, Dirk; Ecke Bisogno, Fábio
Conference Paper
2019Very-Thin System-in-Package Technology for Structural Analysis
Hopsch, Fabian; Heinig, Andy; Böttcher, Mathias
Conference Paper
2019Wireless Sensor Networks and Energy Harvesting for Energy Autonomous Smart Structures
Grasböck, Lukas; Humer, Alexander; Nader, Manfred; Schagerl, Martin; Mayer, Dirk; Misol, Malte; Humer, Christoph; Herold, Sven; Monner, Hans Peter
Conference Paper
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