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The »Fraunhofer-Publica« is a publication database of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. It contains the scientific publications and patents from the institutes.

Conference contributions and proceedings as well as articles and university papers by employees of the EAS Division are also registered here. Electronically available documents can be downloaded as full text directly from the database. For other publications, the reference sources are cited.

Scientific Publications 2021#

You can search here for the publications of our scientists in 2021.

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2021An 8 bit to 12 bit Resolution Programmable 5 MSample/s Current Steering Digital-to-Analog Converter in a 22 nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology
Koh, Jeongwook; Venkatesha, Shishira S.; Rao, Sunil S.; Jotschke, Marcel; Lienig, Jens; Reich, Torsten
Conference Paper
2021Artificial Intelligence for reliable wireless Networking in Production systems: Presentation held at Webinar Artificial Intelligence 2021. Shaping the Future of the AI Landscape, Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum, Zürich, März 2021, virtuell
Mayer, Dirk; Frotzscher, Andreas
2021Autoencoder-Based Characterisation of Passive IEEE 802.11 Link Level Measurements
Neuhaus, Priyanka; Henninger, Marcus; Frotzscher, Andreas; Wetzker, Ulf
Conference Paper
2021Automated traceability of requirements in the design and verification process of safety-critical mixed-signal systems: Paper presented at Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition, DVCon 2021, Virtual, March 1-4, 2021
Pachiana, Gabriel; Grunwald, Maximilian; Markwirth, Thomas; Sohrmann, Christoph
Conference Paper
2021BIM-Integration von Gebäude- und Anlagensimulation: Vortrag gehalten beim TGA-Kongress 2020, 28./29. Januar 2021, Online
Eckstädt, Elisabeth
2021Condition Monitoring for Air Filters in HVAC systems with variable volume flow
Gnepper, Oliver; Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf
Conference Paper
2021Condition monitoring of drive trains by data fusion of acoustic emission and vibration sensors
Mey, Oliver; Schneider, André; Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf; Mayer, Dirk; Schmidt, Christian; Klein, Samuel; Herrmann, Hans-Georg
Conference Paper
2021Condition Monitoring of Drive Trains by Data Fusion of Acoustic Emission and Vibration Sensors
Mey, Oliver; Schneider, André; Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf; Mayer, Dirk; Schmidt, Christian; Klein, Samuel; Herrmann, Hans-Georg
Journal Article
2021Design Support For A Green IoT: Redaktionell betreuter Blogbeitrag auf https://semiengineering.com, February 11th, 2021
Mayer, Dirk; Jancke, Roland
Blog Post
2021Dynamic fault injection into digital twins of safety-critical systems: Paper presented at Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference, DATE 2021, Virtual Conference and Exhibition, 1-5 Februaray 2021
Markwirth, Thomas; Jancke, Roland; Sohrmann, Christoph
Conference Paper
2021Energy Optimal Control of a Multivalent Building Energy System using Machine Learning
Huang, Chenzi; Seidel, Stephan; Jia, Xuehua; Paschke, Fabian; Bräunig, Jan
Conference Paper
2021Failure mechanism detection algorithm with MOSFET body diode
El Khatib, Mohamad; Reitz, Sven; Warmuth, Jens
Conference Paper
2021How Virtual Prototyping Benefits the Development of Embedded Systems: Video zum 15. Silicon Saxony Day, 27. Mai 2021, Börse Dresden, Virtual event
Sohrmann, Christoph
2021Integrating a Knowledge-based Recommendation System into a BIM Workflow for Energy Efficient Facility Management
Pruvost, Hervé; Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf
2021Model-Based Systems Design for Green IoT Systems
Majetta, Kristin; Bräunig, Jan; Sohrmann, Christoph; Jancke, Roland; Mayer, Dirk
Conference Paper
2021Modeling of an Electro-Mechanical-Acoustic Contactless Energy Transfer System Based on Multiphysics Networks and Resonant Topologies
Mendonça, Lucas Sangoi; Bisogno, Fábio Ecke; Radecker, Matthias
2021Multiple current filaments and filament confinement in silicon based PIN diodes: Presentation held at International Electrostatic Discharge Workshop, IEW 2021, May 17-20, 2021, Special Virtual Event
Scharf, Patrick; Sohrmann, Christoph
2021Provision of Data to Use in Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Single Room Heating
Majetta, Kristin; Clauß, Chistoph; Nytsch‐Geusen , Christoph
Journal Article
2021A reference flow for chip-package co-design for 5G-mm-wave using Assembly Design Kit (ADK): Presentation held at CadenceLIVE Americas 2021, 08 Jun 2021 - 09 Jun 2021, Online
Hopsch, Fabian; Heinig, Andy
2021Selbstorganisation und Co-Management verteilter Automatisierungssysteme mit dem Kommunikationssystem
Zeun, Thomas; Frotzscher, Andreas; Nicklas, Anselm; Schmitt, Eva; Schulze-Zipper, Darina; Zipper, Holger
Conference Paper
2021A Systematic and Automated Design Flow Approach for Robust Analog/Mixed-Signal Chips: Video zum 15. Silicon Saxony Day, 27. Mai 2021, Börse Dresden, Virtual event
Prautsch, Benjamin; Markwirth, Thomas; Wittmann, Reimund; Henkel, Frank; Schenkel, Frank; Kölsch, Johannes; Kwasigroch, Sören; Grimm, Christoph; Strube, Gunter
2021Towards a Standardized Format for Automotive Mission Profiles
Sohrmann, Christoph; Fischbach, Robert; Krinke, Andreas; Nirmaier, Thomas; Meyer zu Bexten, Volker; Jerke, Göran; Novacek, Jan
Conference Paper
2021Untersuchungen zur Simulation Raumlufttechnischer Anlagen zur Unterstützung von Planung und Betrieb von Nichtwohngebäuden
Manotas Ramos, Miguel Eduardo; Eckstädt, Elisabeth (Betreuer); Wilde, Andreas (Betreuer); Seifert, Joachim (Betreuer)
Term paper
2021Verbesserte Wälzlagerüberwachung durch Kombination von Vibrations- und AE-Sensorik sowie multivariater, ML-gestützter Datenanalyse
Schmidt, Christian; Mey, Oliver; Schneider, André; Klein, Samuel; Mayer, Dirk; Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf
Conference Paper
2021Wie Alterungsmodelle für integrierte Transistoren die Entwicklung zuverlässiger Systeme unterstützen
Lange, André; Giering, Kay-Uwe; Jancke, Roland
Conference Paper
2021Wireless Control for Smart Manufacturing: Recent Approaches and Open Challenges
Baumann, Dominik; Mager, Fabian; Wetzker, Ulf; Thiele, Lothar; Zimmerling, Marco; Trimpe, Sebastian
Journal Article
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