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Conference contributions and proceedings as well as articles and university papers by employees of the EAS Division are also registered here. Electronically available documents can be downloaded as full text directly from the database. For other publications, the reference sources are cited.

Scientific Publications 2023

You can search here for the publications of our scientists in 2023.

Publication Type
2023 Design and Layout of a Sub-Harmonic Quadrature Injection-Locked Oscillator (SH-QILO) for the 60GHz WiGig Frequency Band in Global Foundries 22nm FDX Technology
Bhuiyan, Mohammad Omer Sadek
Master Thesis
2023 Automatic transformation of HVAC diagrams into machine-readable format
Mertens, Noah; Wohlfahrt, Tommy; Hartmann, Nick; Venkata Reddy, Chethan Babu
Conference Paper
2023 Automated classification of datapoint types in building automation systems using time series
Mertens, Noah; Wilde, Andreas
Conference Paper
2023 Generating the Generator: A User-Driven and Template-Based Approach towards Analog Layout Automation
Prautsch, Benjamin; Eichler, Uwe; Hatnik, Uwe
Journal Article
2023 Hot Carrier Injection and Bias Temperature Instability in 4H-SiC CMOS Technology
Winkler, Sophie
Master Thesis
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