Mixed-signal IC Design for Sensor Electronics

Powerful and energy-efficient sensor systems are the key to many technical innovations of the future, whether in the field of automotive design, industrial automation or medical technology. Mixed-signal ICs with digital and analog components form the basis for this innovation.

However, the growing miniaturization of the semiconductor technologies and the ever more demanding user-specific requirements also increase the complexity of the IC design and its susceptibility to failures. The analog part in particular generates high development costs and design risks because the degree of automation here is still low.

In combination with our years of experience in design automation as well as in circuit design, we are able to significantly improve the efficiency of your design through the use of new methods. For ASIC developments, we offer our customers and partners the complete value creation chain, including series production for small and medium volumes.

Our Services

For our customers, we develop robust, reliable and application-optimized IC solutions, from the concept to design and readiness for series production. We offer you:

Mixed-signal IC design for sensors
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Mixed-signal IC design for sensors
  • Concept development and feasibility analyses
  • Manufacturer-independent technology consulting
  • Design of customer-specific IC solutions (analog/mixed-signal)
    • For different performance variants
    • With a focus on minimized power loss
    • Automated porting between semiconductor manufacturers and technology nodes from 350 - 22 nm
    • Yield optimization
  • Layout design and verification
  • Testing and characterization of prototypes at the wafer and chip level
  • Development of design flows and Intelligent IPs according to customer specification

Our silicon-tested mixed-signal IPs with a focus on sensor signal conditioning and transformation are available via the IP portal for your ASICs in research projects and product development. We would also be happy to adapt them to your application-specific needs.

The Virtual ASIC Foundry of Fraunhofer IIS also permits the production of small part volumes. Packaged and tested ASICs are available here, starting at quantities of a few hundred.

Added Value for You

Our experience in a wide range of industries and our innovative tools make us a valuable partner for the efficient development of analog and mixed-signal designs. We offer you:

  • Reliable ASIC and IP solutions customized to your needs
  • Shorter development times when high quality is required
  • Flexible, manufacturer-independent product design with regard to process technology and performance
  • Cost and time savings through automated analog design
  • Experienced partner for design and EDA solutions
  • Prototype and small series production at established foundries

References and more Information

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An increasing number of applications call for more powerful and more individually customized technologies. In response, the project "THINGS2DO" was focused on the development of a virtual German design center for FD-SOI components.

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Future technical solutions in the Internet of Things are subject to especially high requirements for energy-efficient, small and inexpensive components. The »PRIME« project is establishing the prerequisites for the required manufacturing technologies.


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The partners are developing a highly integrated, easy-to-use, flexible and affordable platform with autonomous energy supply for acoustic monitoring in industrial applications. The aim is to utilize airborne sound and ultrasound for multi-faceted tasks.

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