Energy Management for Buildings and Businesses


Increasing demands in terms of climate protection and rising energy prices are presenting energy and facility managers in various industries with ever-greater challenges. Tackling these challenges will entail innovative and industry-oriented concepts for the planning and carbon-optimal operation of production facilities and technical building systems.

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS offers numerous services to support efficient energy management, thanks to expertise ranging from the acquisition and analysis of relevant data to the optimization of existing systems and the development of self-learning, integrated energy management systems.

Achieve greater transparency with regard to your energy consumption and reduce your energy costs thanks to individual and intelligent monitoring systems. Use these insights to make well-founded decisions regarding the optimization of your infrastructure and operating strategies.

Our Services

We provide you with individual advice and support when it comes to monitoring and optimizing your energy consumption:

  • Assessment of energy-saving potential based on operating data
  • Automatic monitoring systems
  • Energy alerts to identify anomalies in energy consumption
  • Acquisition of additional data using proprietary measurement technology
  • Simulation of operating strategies for buildings or installations
  • Design of predictive regulation and control strategies

Our Equipment for the Acquisition of Relevant Data

We provide you with individual advice and support when it comes to monitoring and optimizing your energy consumption:

  • Measurement equipment with various sensors, including for temperature, pressure, heat, CO2, and current
  • Thermal imaging camera, optionally coupled with a humidity sensor
  • Drone with a thermal imaging camera for the analysis of roofs, solar installations, tall buildings, etc.
  • Flow analysis technology for buildings
  • Test benches
    • Thermal test bench with climatic chamber
    • Source/sink system for simulating electrical storage systems, solar modules, and fuel cells

Added Value for You

Our longstanding experience in the design and development of innovative automation and regulation systems paves the way for:

Energy Management in buildings
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Energy Management in buildings
  • Reduction of energy consumption and energy costs
  • Simplified continuous monitoring of energy consumption
  • Error detection and troubleshooting
  • Support with decisions relating to the optimization of system concepts, the planning of new systems and buildings, and the operation of complex systems

Autobench-E – The energy check

The AI-based tool for automatic analysis of your operating data


Use the free online demonstrator to analyze your operating data with the help of an easy and intuitive tool. Autobench-E offers two analysis options:

  • Anomaly detection: Identify potential for the optimization of system operation in a matter of seconds by visualizing deviations in energy consumption.
  • Before/after analysis: Analyze your operating data to determine the impact of implemented optimization measures on your energy consumption.

Online tool Autobench-E (German)

Autobench-E analyzes the time series of various operating data relating to energy consumption (such as pellet consumption). The tool uses part of this data as a “reference time period” in order to automatically generate a prediction of consumption in the “testing period.” When this prediction is compared with actual measured data from the testing period, it provides information about deviations from the normal state or from the state during the reference time period. This allows users not only to identify anomalies such as operating errors, but also to investigate the impact of measures such as changes to operating parameters.

The free online demonstrator analyzes a time series for one parameter in each analysis run. We would be happy to assist you with the holistic consideration and optimization of your energy consumption.


Reference project


A major challenge in managing decentralized energy systems in buildings is reconciling the different energy sources as well as the energy conversion and storage methods in use. ARCHE simplifies the planning and deployment of self-optimizing control architectures for such systems.

Reference project

The project is focused on developing a learning software platform that evaluates operating data and optimizes the control of technical building equipment on this basis.

Reference project


The European project eeEmbedded aims at providing architects, engineers and asset managers with the possibility to create reliable energy analyses and predictions for buildings in future - both in the planning phases as well as during operation.

Reference project


Minimizing energy consumption is a central objective for many production processes. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is therefore working with partners on an optimization and planning platform for energy-efficient production.