AI Application and Test Center – The first step into artificial intelligence for SMEs

Using artificial intelligence profitably and securing a competitive edge

In corporate practice, AI is particularly valuable where conventional solutions are not efficient enough or come up against their limits. For increasing numbers of companies, artificial intelligence is thus becoming a crucially important approach for optimizing workflows and increasing productivity.

But SMEs in particular often face a wide range of challenges when it comes to using AI. These include the sometimes high cost of developing and implementing solutions, a lack of in-house specialists and the absence of data for the AI to use.

This is where the AI Application and Test Center, which is currently being established at Fraunhofer IIS/EAS in Dresden, comes in. It focuses especially on the challenges facing SMEs, and its tailored, comprehensive portfolio will help companies use AI profitably and thus secure a competitive edge. The Center aims to lower the barriers to AI use in companies, to help them quickly implement solutions in practice and to establish a platform for sharing practical knowledge.

What can the Application and Test Center offer you?

  • AI education and training opportunities from the beginner to the expert level
  • A step-by-step program for the perfect start to using AI:
    • Beginner checks that require very little time
    • AI readiness checks and short workshops
    • Expert consulting
    • Development projects on hardware, algorithms and training data
  • Test rigs and experimentation environments for AI solutions
  • Training and porting of algorithms
  • Best practices
  • Matchmaking events and workshops

Who are the Center’s offers for?

  • Beginners and anyone interested in AI
  • Managers who make decisions regarding the use of AI technologies in the company
  • Experts in data analysis and data specialists
  • Hardware developers
  • Prospective AI specialists

Help us shape the AI Center!

It is the AI Application and Test Center’s goal to become a focal point for the development of AI solutions for SMEs. To this end, we aim to develop highly tailored offers that make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to use AI.

So, tell us where you see specific requirements and gaps when it comes to offers and help us shape the AI Application and Test Center:

  • Let us know your requirement profile for lab and test equipment planning.
  • Become a part of the network and connect with users and experts to learn together.
  • Assume a pioneering technological role in pilot projects.
  • Join a pool of experts with your expertise.


This initiative is co-funded by taxation money from the budget passed by the state parliament of Saxony.

Signet Sachsen