Wireless-networked Automation

Automated warehouse with autonomous transportation system
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Automated warehouse with autonomous transportation system

Wireless communication systems offer a flexible, cost-efficient alternative to wired applications. In the industrial environment, they are used especially for the networking of movable or spatially separated system components as well as mobile systems. With today’s automation solutions, however, it is necessary to take into account numerous factors and challenges, such as adjacent wireless communication systems, changing propagation conditions or faulty configurations. To address these issues, innovative algorithms and procedures pave the way for targeted condition and fault analysis in industrial wireless networks. These supply information on factors such as connection quality, stability, transmission reserves and existing transmission problems in your networks.

Wireless communication in the production environment also plays an increasingly important role in the case of real-time requirements. For example, systems must frequently be connected to higher level control systems with very short cycle times in the single-digit millisecond range. To avoid the disadvantages of wired solutions, such as restricted flexibility, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is developing a new kind of wireless technology that enables real-time signal transmission with extremely low latencies and maximum reliability.

Our Services

We provide you with individual advice and support in the monitoring and fault diagnosis of wireless communication systems and offer you:

  • Feasibility studies on the deployment of wireless technologies in industrial automation
  • Metrological reliability analysis and fault diagnosis for the evaluation of existing wireless conditions (wireless propagation, interference, and coexistence situation)
  • Metrological real-time analysis of classic WLAN and Siemens IWLAN systems
  • Measurement instruments and OEM modules for inspection, monitoring and fault diagnosis of wireless communication systems
  • Customer-specific prototype development and expansion of measurement devices
  • Integration of the real-time wireless communication systems into existing plants
  • Integration of customer-specific interfaces in real-time wireless communication systems

Industrial Wireless Communication – Reliable, Robust, Real-time-Capable

UWIN – Wireless Real-time Communication with Highest Reliability


Zur Optimierung Ihrer Funksysteme bieten wir Ihnen eine Echtzeit-Funktechnologie für private industrielle Netzwerke. Contrary to currently available radio technologies, the UWIN enables communication in real-time with extremely low latency and a maximum of reliability. It can extend real-time field buses wirelessly or even substitute them.



Wireless Technology UWIN

Wireless Network Analyzer - How to Avoid Malfunctions in Wireless Automation

Analyze simultaneously multiple connections and identify transmission errors and their causes in your industrial wireless networks



REad More on the Wireless Network Analyzer [PDF]


Added Value for You

Profit from our analysis algorithms and our many years of experience in the analysis of industrial wireless networks:

  • Time and cost savings in the integration, acceptance and maintenance of wireless networks
  • Overview of the network condition
  • Reduction of transmission problems by means of plant- and environment-compatible configuration of wireless communication systems
  • Early identification and avoidance of system failures regardless of the complexity of the systems and the wireless technology used
  • Identification of existing reserves in the wireless network
  • Higher flexibility and process quality in the manufacturing processes thanks to real-time wireless communication systems
  • Investment protection through more cost-efficient expandability based on real-time wireless communication systems

References and more Information

Video Series: To the Point

What actually is Private 5G for Industry

Our expert Dr. Andreas Frotzscher describes it in this video concisely.

Reference project


Digitization and increased flexibility in production promise to deliver efficiency and productivity gains. A key process in this development is automatic interaction between machines. The goal of the VERITAS project is to explore solutions for simple, fail-proof development of such systems.


Reference project


Together with partners, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is working on the development of a real-time wireless communication system in unlicensed radio frequency bands. Various industrial automation applications should profit from this work.

Reference project


The SATURN project aimed to develop today's sensor systems using real-time connectivity, which are needed for the development, manufacture and testing of tactile intelligent systems. The goal was to provide preliminary work for the Tactile Internet.