Key Issue Microelectronics

We support our customers in the use of advanced technologies, processes and methods in the development and application of microelectronics. Our work therefore aims to address the continual downsizing of semiconductor devices and the growing complexity of electronic systems using new design concepts. Another focus is on new design technologies and solution concepts based on the "More than Moore" approach. In all areas, the goal of our work is to ensure fast, faultless and reliable development of electronic systems.

Our mission is to offer electronics designers assistance in the design process and provide them with innovative tools and services so that they can meet the current and future challenges in IC design and produce long-lasting, functionally safe products.

Reference Projects


To secure a strong position for the Free State of Saxony in the field of microelectronics, SMEs must adopt a proactive strategy in the emerging field of artificial intelligence. Accordingly, the project will seek to identify potential and strengths, pool individual activities, and develop recommendations for action.


For mid-sized providers of electronic solutions, the »Internet of Things« is associated with nearly insurmountable hurdles. The project partners are looking to change this situation and develop a »modular technology« that should offer a simple way to make use of advanced electronic technologies.


Future technical solutions in the Internet of Things are subject to especially high requirements for energy-efficient, small and inexpensive components. The "PRIME" project is establishing the prerequisites for the required manufacturing technologies in Germany and Europe.


The scientists at Fraunhofer IIS/EAS are working in this project on design methods and design flows for the so-called system-package-board co-design. This method should accelerate the development of complex systems-in-package and make the process more reliable.


An increasing number of applications call for more powerful and more individually customized technologies. In response, the project "THINGS2DO" was focused on the development of a virtual German design center for FD-SOI components.



Combining expertise, technological platforms and existing clean rooms, a unique design center for »More-than-Moore-Technologien« is developed in Dresden.


The aim of the project is to develop manufacturing technologies for the next generation of highly integrated microelectronics. In the course of these efforts, the project members will develop procedures and have them interact to produce ICs with channel lengths of just three nanometers.



ASIC development is associated with significant economic risk for small and medium-sized companies due to the high investment costs for mostly smaller batch sizes. AnastASICA aims to make it possible for them to produce new ASICs much more economically than before.


With the development of a highly energy-efficient modular hardware solution, a Fraunhofer lighthouse project is laying the foundation for a ubiquitous Internet of Things.


Productive 4.0

In the European research initiative “Productive 4.0”, more than 100 partners from business and industry have come together to advance the field of industrial digitalization and networking.