Consortium Project “AI – Understand – Apply – Benefit”

Take part in the consortium project “AI – Understand – Apply – Benefit” and leverage the vast potential of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.

The wide range of applications covered – from production processes and operational workflows to integration in products and services – yields new opportunities for growth and innovation, in particular for SMEs.

Over the course of the entire project, we will support you in developing optimized solutions for AI use that will allow your company to profitably deploy the technology and secure competitive advantages.

The consortium project is a collaboration between Fraunhofer IIS/EAS and INC Invention Center.

Our Results – Your Added Value

  • Company-specific AI maturity assessment taking into account economic, technological, and organizational aspects​
  • Development of detailed potential solutions for the implementation of relevant measures​
  • Prototypical implementation of jointly selected application examples​
  • Skills development: Basic AI training and 5-day intensive AI training​
  • Creation of a roadmap for implementation and use of AI in the company beyond the end of the project​
  • Overview of relevant suppliers, research partners and startups​
  • Accelerated process and product development thanks to an international network of experts​
  • Participation in overarching funding schemes with a focus on AI


Target group

Participation in the consortium project is open to companies from a broad range of sectors. The target group consists of (potential) AI users in fields such as production planning, predictive maintenance, innovation management, HR & admin, marketing & customer relations, sales & procurement, supply chain management, research & development, and internal/external logistics.

Project schedule

Phase 1 – Basic knowledge transfer and AI maturity assessment

Participants in the consortium project develop a common understanding of AI and identify potential AI use cases through the following:

Basic training​
The one-day basic training course establishes a common understanding of artificial intelligence.

AI maturity assessment​
The AI maturity of company-specific AI use cases is assessed in individual company workshops: What expertise do I already possess? How mature is my organization with regard to using AI? What does my organization hope to achieve with AI?
On the basis of this information, relevant recommendations are formulated for the following four fields: data, processes, culture/mindset, and IT infrastructure.

Phase 2 – Technology scouting:

At the end of this project phase you will have a comprehensive overview of current and future AI solutions, as well as initial recommendations for your selected use case. This is achieved as follows:

Search for solutions and preliminary assessment​
Various solutions are identified for the implementation of the applications found and for the specific challenges faced by the company.
In a subsequent step, these findings form the basis for a structured overview of potential technical solutions, providers, startups, and research institutions.

Phase 3 – Implementation of use cases and intensive AI training

You receive an AI roadmap and acquire the necessary skills for implementation as follows:

Implementation of selected AI applications​
Use cases selected by the consortium in Phase 2 are evaluated in detail and implemented (in direct collaboration with the partners if desired). The number of prototype projects will depend on the available overall budget. However, there will also be an option to individually implement additional use cases outside of the project budget.​

AI intensive training​
This intensive AI training course lasting several days will lead to a deeper understanding of the applications, technologies, and business models. During the course, the partners will use the “AI Navigator” to develop the necessary skills to deploy AI in their own company.​

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