System Packaging

substrate for system on chip
Fine-pitch package substrate for a multifunctional system on chip
Chiplet architecture by Fraunhofer IIS/EAS
Chiplet architecture by Fraunhofer IIS/EAS

With the increasing scope of functionality of electronic systems and advances in miniaturization, traditional chip designs are coming ever closer to their technological and economic limits. Through novel integration concepts – such as chip stacking or the use of interposers – it is possible to achieve higher data throughput while simultaneously lowering energy consumption and reducing space requirements. Modern packaging solutions up to chiplets also enable the integration of diverse component types, such as processors, sensors and wireless interfaces, in a single module.

Particular challenges in the design process include mastering complexity, optimal utilization of the additional degrees of freedom and consideration of the close thermal, mechanical and electrical coupling in the stacked system. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS can assist you in solving these challenges for an optimized system packaging.

Our Services

We accompany and support you in your modern packaging technology projects from the conception to the prototype. We offer you:

System packaging
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System packaging
  • Consulting on currently available solutions for high levels of integration
  • Conducting of preliminary studies to assess system performance and costs
  • Selection of the best integration technology (e.g. interposers based on Fraunhofer technology) according to customer requirements and application conditions
  • Support from the design to prototype manufacturing and all the way to series production
  • Simulation of thermal, electrical and mechanical effects for complex packages
  • Assembly Design Kit (ADK) for verification to ensure that a package meets manufacturability and performance requirements
  • Planning and organizing the prototype production at our partners

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Added Value for You

Our years of experience in system integration as well as our extensive network make us a valuable partner in the customer-specific design of integration solutions.

  • Higher system performance combined with low energy consumption
  • Maximum miniaturization of complex systems, such as sensor systems
  • Cost savings compared with comparable ASIC implementation, in particular for small quantities
  • Manufacturer-independent evaluation of available integration solutions
  • Reduced risk in the introduction of new packaging solutions
  • On-time implementation of prototypes and small series
  • Central point of contact from conception to design and prototype manufacturing


Industrial Reference

Dream Chip
Technologies GmbH

Fine-pitch package substrate for a multifunctional system-on-chip

Reference Project

SiPoB 3-D

The scientists at Fraunhofer IIS/EAS are working in this project on design methods and design flows for the so-called system-package-board co-design. This method should accelerate the development of complex systems-in-package.

Reference Project


Fraunhofer IIS/EAS pursued within the project an especially small and energy-efficient microchip layout for cost efficient and high-performance cameras.

Reference Project


ESiMED seeked to simplify access to technologies like system-in-package (SiP) for companies from the medical technology sector.