Project ESiMED

Microelectronics in medical technology are offering physicians new treatment and therapy options. The system-in-package (SiP) concept is very well suited to these applications as it combines circuits, sensors and other components into a single housing. This allows complex and reliable solutions to occupy an extremely compact space. Yet developments based on this technology often fail because the design methods for new products are inadequate. High costs and long learning curves make them financially unattractive for medical technology manufacturers, who are mostly mid-market companies. This is where the ESiMED project comes in.

Solution approach

The research institutes and companies participating in the ESiMED project are developing new methods for planning and designing SiP components in medical technology. The results of their work should support innovations in mid-market development companies. A basic version of the developed design software, whose core element will be a user interface that is easy to operate, will therefore be made available at no charge. Developers can use it to access various system modules, for example, in order to assemble circuits, sensors and additional components to create a perfect SiP. Advanced medical electronics for implants and other applications will be developed in the project in order to test the SiP technology.

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is creating the design software. This also includes procedures by which the correct system design can be tested already during the SiP development process.


Project status: completed


ESiMED was supported as part of the high-tech strategy of the German federal government and the funding program IKT 2020 of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.