Innovation Topics

Research for the technical solutions of today and tomorrow


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be especially useful to businesses in applications where traditional solutions come up against their limits. We help our customers and partners master their challenges in a practical, customized fashion using various AI approaches. Our solutions are tailored particularly to use cases in which permanent data sovereignty, data protection and high processing speed are vitally important, as well as the traceability of the processes by which the AI systems arrive at their results.


Intelligent Multi-sensor Systems – Universal Sensor Platform

So that smaller systems providers can shoulder the growing development and manufacturing costs for next-generation electronics, a Fraunhofer consortium from Saxony has teamed up with GlobalFoundries to develop a "universal sensor platform" (USeP).


Quantum Communication

Many of the asymmetric and symmetric encryption methods currently used for the secure transmission of data and information are, in principle, vulnerable to attackers. Systems for the exchange of quantum keys allow a key of any length to be exchanged securely. In our work, we focus on furthering the development of the necessary nanoelectronic components.


Trusted Electronics

Given that electronics are used in many safety-critical areas, such as autonomous driving or medicine, it is vital that users are able to trust them. Trusted electronics are electronics whose mode of operation is precisely understood – regardless of whether they were designed and manufactured in Germany or elsewhere.