Business Areas

Service portfolio by business areas

We develop solutions for business in the following areas: “Design Methodology”, “Efficient Electronics” and “Distributed Data Processing and Control”. The basis for our work is our deep specialist knowledge in the various research topics and the results from research projects in different application fields.

Our goal is to give our customers substantial support in the development of high-quality products and efficient processes. To this end, our engineers and scientists develop, among other things, high-performance sensor systems and technologies for connected automation in manufacturing. In addition, they apply themselves to the design of reliable and robust electronic systems and the automatic analysis of large data volumes.

Our support ranges from consulting and carrying out feasibility studies, to developing electronic components and high-performance algorithms, to transferring technologies into production. Finally, our portfolio is rounded off by numerous training offers according to the needs of our customers.


Design Methodology

How can you ensure the safe and reliable functioning of your electronic systems over many years?


Reliability of ICs

Functional Safety


Efficient Electronics

What solutions exist for the design process to master the challenges presented by the increasing miniaturization and growing complexity of electronic systems?


System Packaging

Analog Design Automation

Mixed-signal IC Design


Distributed Data Processing & Control

How can the voluminous data that is generated by sensors or wireless protocols in areas such as manufacturing be transmitted in a particularly robust manner and processed as well as interpreted in a way that is efficient and features a large element of self-learning?


Industrial Data Analysis

Wireless-networked Automation

Energy Management