Current Trainings

We support you in the qualification of your staff by offering trainings. Our English speaking customers can book SystemC/SystemC AMS courses.

Basic Courses for SystemC/SystemC AMS

The language SystemC and its extension SystemC AMS enable designers to model and simulate complex heterogeneous systems.

The course introduces to the basics of SystemC and/or SystemC AMS. It can be adapted to the participants' knowledge. Skills beside the languages are provided, too, as far as it is needed for further comprehension. The design environment COSIDE for SystemC AMS is another optional topic. If it is chosen, participants will learn how to use it in different application examples.

SystemC AMS

Possible Key Aspects

  • C/C++ introduction (if needed for the comprehension of SystemC)
  • SystemC/SystemC AMS basics and extensions
  • What is possible with SystemC/SystemC AMS and how to use it?
  • Tools
  • Modeling techniques and examples
  • Usage of COSIDE in exercises
  • Demonstration of examples

Duration and Place

2-4 days with eight hour lessons each; in your company or in Dresden