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Press Release / 7.12.2018

Proof provided

With the help of Fraunhofer IIS/EAS, the international semiconductor manufacturer LFoundry is preparing its 150 nm technology to support applications that are especially safety critical. Thanks to their joint work, in the future it will be possible for the first time to make a more precise forecast about the overall reliability of an integrated circuit in this technology before it is used in practice. As a result, the applications of European microelectronics will be significantly expanded in areas such as the automotive sector.


Joint Press Release by the partners of the project "RESIST" / 15.5.2018

Trailblazer for Especially Robust Vehicle Electronics

The partners in the research project "RESIST" have spent the last three years working on new approaches to the development of resilient electronic systems. Their results contribute to the next generation of especially fail-safe vehicle electronics to meet the highest quality, safety and performance standards.


Joint news release by the partners of the research project »MARS« / 1.12.2017

Reflex over Reaction

Over the last two years, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS and the semiconductor manufacturer GLOBALFOUNDRIES have worked together in the project »MARS« to advance the development of highly reliable 22 nm FDSOI components. These components should pave the way for »tactile intelligent systems« made in Dresden.