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Current Press Releases (Selection)


Press Release / 9.2.2024

New dual leadership at the Dresden branch of Fraunhofer IIS

For thirteen years, Professor Peter Schneider has been the head of the Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS division, part of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. On January 1, 2024, he was joined by electrical engineer Dr Wolfgang Felber.


Press Release / 25.4.2023

Chiplet Cooperation of Fraunhofer IIS/EAS and Achronix

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS uses Achronix Embedded FPGAs (eFPGAs) to build a heterogeneous chiplet demonstrator, which aimes at validating next-generation chip-to-chip interconnect technology.


Press Release / Nov. 10, 2022

Chiplet Project in 5 nm Process Technology from Samsung

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS has announced today their first implementation of the Bunch of Wires (BoW) standard-based interface IP from the Open Compute Project (OCP) on Samsung’s 5 nm technology. This work represents a first step towards supporting the rapid introduction of chiplet technology, even enabling electronic products with smaller production runs.