Information Material on the Business Area Distributed Data Processing & Control


Automated Data Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

Equipping a manufacturing company for the challenges of the future requires new concepts in order to keep up with the rapid digitization and networking of processes. In particular, these concepts revolve around the automatic analysis of measurement and process data as the basis for intelligent condition monitoring and quality assurance.


Reliable Wireless Communication Systems in Industry

In the field of industrial automation, wire­less communication offers key advantages over wired solutions. However, numerous factors and challenges must be considered, such as neighboring wireless systems, variable propagation conditions or faulty configurations. To address these issues, we developed innovative solutions.


Software-defined Sensors for Industrial Image Processing

Today, many industrial fields of applications rely on image processing. However, most conven­tional image processing systems show technical limitations in terms of processing speed, latency and dynamic range. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is working to solve these challenges.