Efficient Electronics

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Integrated Sensor Electronics

The services provided by IIS/EAS in IC Design extend to the design of complex digital systems and customized mixed-signal IC solutions. We develop customized design flows and adjust these according to the specific requirements. With the Virtual ASIC Foundry at Fraunhofer IIS, housed and tested ASICs are available starting with quantities of a few hundred.


Integration of Electronic Systems

With the increasing functionality of electronic systems and the need for increasing miniaturization, the traditional integration of all functions on a single chip (SoC) encounters technological and commercial limitations. One solution is the integration of multiple chips in a single housing from SIP to 3D.

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Optical Activity Detection of People

We have developed an energy-efficient and powerful system for activity detection using image sensor systems-on-chip. It allows to solve diverse challenging location detection tasks such as in building automation, electronic control or safety systems.

The future of electronics is smart. It aims to support its users in many more areas of life while also being particularly sustainable and economical. However, its increasing miniaturization, new manufacturing technologies and more and more functions condensed into a tiny space pose a particular challenge when it comes to design and performance.

Our work therefore aims to counter the continual downsizing of semiconductor devices using new design concepts that guarantee the rapid, error-free and secure development of electronic systems. Another focus is on new technologies based on the "More than Moore" approach. These can be used to integrate a variety of modules in a single component, which in turn enables short conducting paths and efficient use of energy. Our design expertise at the Fraunhofer IIS/EAS also allows us to develop powerful technical systems that manage complex tasks using innovative approaches.