Benchmarking study “Achieving Excellence in Edge AI”

Take part in the global benchmarking study “Achieving Excellence in Edge AI” and secure competitive advantages in the development and use of edge AI technologies.

In our consortium benchmarking study “Achieving Excellence in Edge AI,” we will work with you to identify the most promising use cases, before deriving requirements for the necessary technological developments. We will also analyze the technological solutions currently available in the market, which will enable us to draw up a unique road map that unites technology with practical application and will serve as a guide to edge AI for the years ahead.

In less than a year’s time, not only will you have a detailed assessment of your own expertise, you will have also had the chance to address the developmental potential and needs identified within your company.

The consortium study is a joint collaboration between Fraunhofer IIS/EAS and the INC Invention Center.

Our results – your added value

  • Detailed overview of the most promising edge AI applications
  • Individual evaluation of the applications according to complexity, market maturity and business potential
  • Determination of necessary technological developments
  • Discussion of existing technologies, solution concepts and future development paths with the project partners
  • Identification of field-tested success factors for the effective implementation of edge AI applications
  • Consolidation of identified application and technology areas
  • Creation and provision of a detailed edge AI road map
  • Organization of hybrid network meetings to promote mutual exchange

Target group

Companies from a wide range of industries can take part in the consortium project, which specifically addresses (potential) technology providers / developers and potential Edge AI users.

Project plan

We will conduct the consortium benchmarking study over a total of three project phases.

In the first phase, the “market pull,” we will identify the most promising application areas for and of edge AI. During this project phase, we will also carry out a preliminary assessment of the complexity and market maturity of the previously identified applications and work with you to evaluate their business potential. The areas identified in this phase will determine the focus of a quantitative survey that will be designed on the topic of edge AI.

In the next phase, the “technology push,” we will put together a technology toolbox for the study partners and present an overview of existing edge AI applications and tools. There will also be qualitative expert interviews to document the current situation and note any upcoming developments in relation to research, technology and expertise in the field of edge AI.

We will spend the remaining two months working with the study participants to devise a master plan for edge AI. This will give you the chance to see how your solutions and products measure up against those offered by your competitors in the market. In the protected environment of the consortium, you can then work together with competent partners to identify potential for development and also exploit possible synergies within the network. As a result of their involvement in the study, participants will receive a benchmarking report complete with a company-specific overview of their performance position, enabling them to remain competitive in the emerging field of edge AI

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