EAS-CoSiMa: Coupling of FMUs with master algorithms

The exchange of models is on the rise due to the creation of the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) and an increasing number of tools that support the exporting and importing of Functional Mockup Units (FMUs). FMUs for co-simulation provide models as well as associated simulation algorithms. Special master algorithms are required for the coupling of such FMUs. These control the interaction of the individual units such that a valid solution of the overall problem is calculated. This is achieved by loading the individual FMUs involved in the problem and exchanging values (coupling values) between them.

Our software tool “EAS-CoSiMa” offers a large number of such master algorithms and allows them to be conveniently used in the co-simulation. This way, you stay flexible and retain full control of your co-simulation.

Features of EAS-CoSiMa

  • Support for FMI versions 1.0 and 2.0 for co-simulation
  • 5 master algorithms for calculation of cycles
    • Gauß-Jacobi with one iteration
    • Gauß-Jacobi iterating
    • Gauß-Seidel with one iteration
    • Gauß-Seidel iterating
    • Newton
  • 4 algorithms for step size control
    • Constant step size
    • Variable communication step size via
      • Richardson extrapolation
      • Linear extrapolation
      • Combination of Richardson and linear extrapolation
  • Control of the simulation via a specially developed configuration file
  • Automatic calculation of valid starting values
  • Automatic detection of cycles
  • User-friendly GUI for
    • convenient description of the co-simulation problem
    • Execution of EAS-CoSiMa
    • Display and evaluation of the results