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Robust ICs with HeatVision


With the increasing complexity and growing integration density of circuits, the electro-thermal interactions are also intensifying. The use of innovative packaging technologies and new substrates additionally contribute to an increasing power density.

It is therefore more and more difficult for designers to take into account all aspects and conditions during design and avoid negative physical effects. The possible consequences are expensive redesigns and product failures in the field.

With our software tool HeatVision, you maintain a firm perspective on the chip temperature and heat propagation in your system.

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Added Value for You

With our software tool HeatVision, you can safeguard the reliability of your design and profit from:

Analysis of heat distribution with HeatVision
Analysis of heat distribution with HeatVision
  • Faster estimation of the temperature development
  • Earlier identification of electro-thermal error sources
  • Avoidance of transient faults, such as temperature mismatch or delay
  • Assurance of electro-thermal design conditions
  • Avoidance of re- and overdesign and the associated costs
  • Optimization of thermal behavior