Robust ICs with SubVision


Due to the advancing miniaturization of technology nodes and the increasing of carrier frequencies, electrodynamic substrate coupling is ever more common in integrated circuits. The rising density of interconnects increases the possibility of crosstalk or noise. The consequence is a reduced transmission rate or complete failure of the circuit.

With our tool SubVision, designers receive the ability to quickly analyze the electrical potential and field distribution throughout the entire chip and identify electrodynamic error sources at an early stage.

Identification of electrodynamic error sources at an early stage



Added Value for You

With our software tool SubVision, you can safeguard the reliability of your design and benefit from the following advantages:

Simulation result with SubVision
Simulation result with SubVision
  • Compact, easily integrated software solutions for rapid analysis of circuits
  • Early detection and avoidance of electrodynamic coupling in the design
  • Mastering substrate noise and crosstalk
  • Optimization of the substrate insulation and the associated costs
  • Avoidance of re- and overdesign