Newsletter 01/2019

Small and medium-sized companies need to put themselves in a strong position when it comes to the future key issue of artificial intelligence, which will enable technology companies in Saxony to have a competitive advantage over their competitors. For this reason, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is working together with the Technical University of Dresden in the research project »KIKiS« to identify the potential and strengths of companies, to bundle individual activities, and to derive recommended actions.

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Innovators from Saxony have a wide array of AI expertise and experience. For example, one of the strengths of Saxony’s internationally successful microelectronics industry lies in the tailor-made IoT (internet of things) systems with corresponding sensor and actuator integration, which are driving the development of 5G technology. The close link between hardware and software makes it possible to develop competitive products and to keep the entire value added chain located regionally, ranging from the chip design and chip production to AI applications.

Moreover, Saxony has numerous non-university research organizations and top higher education institutions, which have devoted themselves to large research fields and this digital topic for the future. At the same time, it is essential that the results of these work projects are made available to small and medium-sized companies (SMC) quickly and effectively in order to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in Saxony over the long term.

A central component of the project is to demonstrate how the transfer of technological knowledge and the provision of existing technologies can be carried out quickly and in a targeted manner for medium-sized companies. The following contributions are being made in the project in this regard:


AI study

AI expertise and activities in Saxony are expected to be evaluated and prepared with the help of a comprehensive study on the status quo in research and Saxony’s economy. Interviews of experts and an online survey will also shed light on the economy’s current and future requirements and needs in order to identify the need for action, derive targeted activities, and tap into the innovation potential in an optimal way.

Transfer of knowledge and networking

Due to the small size of company structures in Saxony, bundling together current activities, resources and expertise is absolutely necessary so that an effective AI supply structure is created. For this reason, the project is intended to be a stimulus for networking and transferring knowledge between the relevant actors in Saxony, which also includes the identification of initial concrete AI cooperation projects. Moreover, recommended actions are also expected to be made for Saxony’s politics, economy and science.

KI4me Roadshow

This roadshow is a platform for exchanging ideas, which primarily pursues the approach of transferring AI knowledge and findings from science to the economy. Due to the format, it is also possible to achieve a strong public presence, which should also show the potential to companies that are not currently active in the field of AI. The SMCs in different industries are being addressed in particular as a participant group in order to initiate additional potential cooperation projects.