Project Verdi

Project VERDI
Project VERDI

Systems-of-systems (SoS) consist of electronic components that work in conjunction with software and physically disparate elements, such as hydraulic or mechanical components. Together, they are in turn parts of larger systems into which they must be integrated. This complexity complicates the design process for SoS products. Even today, they still cannot be tested as a complete system. The separate testing of analog and digital elements results in errors at the system level that are often only identified after the construction of a prototype. This prolongs the product development process and makes it more expensive.

Project Goals

The European partners participating in VERDI would like to create a new design approach to guarantee the functionality of future SoS products and make the development process more cost-effective. The results of VERDI should decrease the time to product introduction by up to 25 percent and the development costs by at least 20 percent. They will also contribute to greater product reliability and robustness. The project results will be transferred into industrial standards so that they can be used in a variety of industries, such as the automotive industry, automation and medical technology.


The project partners intend to combine system design more effectively with verification and prototype validation by means of an integrated methodology. To this end, they will work on a uniform concept for electronic libraries with which a system can be continuously validated throughout the entire product design process. This will make it possible to determine at an early design stage wether a product is being designed correctly and with the right properties. The scientific and commercial partners will also research how verification know-how and scenarios for hardware validation can be reused and automated. This will enable the repeat use of these technologies between and within companies for various product generations.


Project status: completed


VERDI (Verification for heterogeneous Reliable Design and Integration) was supported by the European Union within the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.