Project 3DIM3

Project Goals

3D TSV involves the creation of electrical connections between sub-chips by means of a wafer or chip. Over the course of the 3DIM3 project, the European partners would like to develop new methods for product design based on this technology. With the addition of new design tools and solutions for system architectures, this technology will become more broadly usable.

The project will make possible the efficient design of 3D-integrated multimedia and mobile products – from the system level to the layout. These products will exhibit higher performance, lower energy consumption and smaller component sizes while still costing less.


The massive increase in qualitative and quantitative functionality exhibited by the multimedia and mobile applications of today and tomorrow also increases the complexity of designing such systems. In order to overcome this problem, the project partners will engage in the following project steps, among others:

  • Development of a comprehensive 3D design flow, starting at the system level
  • Development of strategies for 3D integration
  • Creation of efficient methods for testing, validation and design of reliable 3D systems
  • Improving the know-how in 3D integration and providing feedback to semiconductor manufacturers in order to reduce production times
  • Offering seminars and workshops for European developers
Project status: completed


The project was part of the EUREKA program CATRENE. The German project partners were supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.