Intelligent IP - The Automation of Analog Design

Intelligent IP

The efficient design of integrated circuits and systems is practically only possible with the use of software solutions. While the design of digital circuits is largely automated, analog components are for the most part still designed manually. With increasing miniaturization, however, this task is becoming increasingly complex and it is, thus, highly prone to errors. The result is long development cycles and high costs.

With intelligent IPs, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS offers an applied solution for the automation of analog integrated circuit design.

Design with Intelligent IP



Added Value for You

Through the automatic migration of analog components, we increase the reliability of your design and lower the risk of introducing new products:

  • Reusability of analog IP when changing semiconductor manufacturer and/or technology node
  • Up to 90% reduction in your development time and costs through intelligent porting
  • High design reliability through automated IP generation

Porting your design with Intelligent IP

In just four quick steps, you can both accelerate the design and transfer your own IPs from one source technology to another. Our approach is design flow-compliant and you do not have to enter a single line of program code. By the push of a button, you gain efficiency through automatic and technology-independent generation.

References and more Information

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