Functional Safety

References from Projects with Industrial Partners (Selection)

  • Communication technology: Subscriber line interface (subscriber line interface / voice codecs from low-cost to high-end, dual channel to 16 channels - workable specification and reference model)
  • Communication technology: xDSL (xDSL simulation platform, algorithm design, performance prediction) and ADSL codecs
  • Sensor circuits (e.g. airbag pressure sensor model – model for system design, development and embedded software and customer model)
  • Automotive: ABS ECU (Overall system level model, software development platform, architectural level exploration)
  • Computer technology: 6 GBit/s Serial ATA (6 GBit/s Serial ATA physical interface, concept model, system model, reference model)
  • Automation: Driving system (system level model, software development platform, system level fault injection, architectural exploration)

References from Our Research Projects (Selection)

  • VETESS (completed project): The number and complexity of security systems in the car is on the rise. The project partners work on new, standardised development methods.
  • VERDI (completed project): VERDI seeks to develop a forward-looking design process that solves the problem of the analog-digital barriers in the design of electronic products.
  • ResCar (completed project): The partners developed a procedure by which the reliability of electronic vehicle components can be taken into consideration already during the design phase.

Scientific Publications:

An overview of the scientific publications of IIS/EAS on SystemC and System C AMS is here: