Research Topics

Research Topics

The Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS is research center and partner to industry in the business areas Design Methodology, Efficient Electronics and Distributed Data Processing & Control. By applying knowledge, tool support and innovative solutions, we aim at achieving a more efficient design of high-quality products. This is particularly true with regard to an increasing complexity of systems and innovative manufacturing technologies.

Customers profit from our comprehensive know-how and wide-ranging experience of our engineers, scientists and technicians as well as our national and international networks in research. We professionally support our partners especially in the application areas mobility and industrial automation.

Our services range from consulting and studies to the conception of components and systems, the development of a set of methods and tools for IC design or the support for transition of products into manufacturing. Our offers are completed by trainings according to our customers' requirements.

Business Area Design Methodology


Reliability of ICs

Microelectronic and nanoelectronic structures in components are becoming increasingly small, and advances in system integration are packing these components into ever smaller spaces. As development of the technology progresses, undesirable interactions between components and variation effects arise that must be taken into account as soon as possible before manufacturing. Models and procedures for reliability and life cycle prediction therefore support this development process.


Functional Safety

Numerous innovative products consist of complex electronic or heterogeneous systems. We support our customers with tools and services to successfully manage the development phase. They allow fast and reliable modeling for different abstraction levels.

Dr. Roland Jancke

Head of Department Design Methodology

Fraunhofer IIS, Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems
Zeunerstraße 38
01069 Dresden, Germany

Phone +49 351 4640-747

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Business Area Efficient Electronics


Mixed-signal IC Design

Powerful and energy-efficient sensor systems are the key to many technical innovations of the future, whether in the field of automotive design, industrial automation or medical technology. Mixed-signal ICs with digital and analog components form the basis for this innovation. We are able to significantly improve the efficiency of your design through the use of new methods. For ASIC developments, we offer the complete value creation chain, including series production for small and medium volumes.


System Packaging

With the increasing functionality of electronic systems and the need for increasing miniaturization, the traditional integration of all functions on a single chip (SoC) encounters technological and commercial limitations. One solution is the integration of multiple chips in a single housing from SIP to 3D.


Industrial Image Processing

Industrial image processing is considered a key technology for the automation of production processes and is therefore an essential prerequisite for developments in the area of Industry 4.0. In order to live up to the continuously rising requirements on machine vision with minimal latency, further innovations are essential. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is therefore working on software-programmable image sensors (Vision-Systems-on-Chip or VSoC).

Andy Heinig

Head of Department Efficient Electronics (acting)

Fraunhofer IIS, Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems
Zeunerstraße 38
01069 Dresden, Germany

Phone +49 351 4640-712

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Business Area Distributed Data Processing & Control


Industrial Data Analysis

Unplanned downtimes or unnecessary component exchanges create preventable costs and reduce productivity. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS developed an Condition Monitoring approach for an intelligent and independent monitoring of system components. The quick and user-friendly solution saves time, effort and thereby costs as well.


Wireless-networked Automation

In automation, wireless communication is more flexible and often more cost-effective than wired solutions. Wireless technologies can work just as reliably in this setting. However, for this to occur, interferences during transmission must be avoided. This is why we support you to plan and operate such systems securely – or to also analyze existing disturbances.


Energy Management

Even today inefficient energy systems still waste resources in many areas. We have therefore developed methods and procedures which can recognize and exploit this potential.

Dr. Dirk Mayer

Head of Department Distributed Data Processing and Control

Fraunhofer IIS, Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS
Zeunerstraße 38
01069 Dresden, Germany

Phone +49 351 4640-720

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