Industrial Image Processing

Optical industrial inspection
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Optical industrial inspection

Industrial image processing is considered a key technology for the automation of production processes and is therefore an essential prerequisite for developments in the area of Industry 4.0. In order to live up to the continuously rising requirements on machine vision with minimal latency, further innovations are essential. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is therefore working on software-programmable image sensors (Vision-Systems-on-Chip or VSoC) based on a new type of processing architecture. The Vision-System-on-Chip is the core of a modular system solution consisting of powerful camera hardware and flexible algorithms that enable especially high image rates and short response times at low power consumption.

Our approach combines the image capture directly with the image processing. Computationally intensive processing steps for feature extraction are executed under software control directly on the Vision-System-on-Chip. The quantity of data output can thereby be reduced to a minimum. The integrated components of our “software-defined smart camera” make it possible to not only select the actual image processing algorithms but also individually modify parameters such as precision, resolution and scanning rate to the respective requirements.

Our Services

We advise and support you individually in the realization of your optical measurement, testing and control task and offer you:

Vision System-on-Chip
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Vision System-on-Chip
  • Feasibility studies on the use of optical measurement methods
  • Development of algorithms and procedures for customer-specific measurement and testing tasks
  • Development of OEM image-processing modules on the basis of Vision-Systems-on-Chip and FPGAs
  • Support in the realization of high-performance, embedded image-processing solutions
  • Customer-specific further development of existing hardware and software components
  • Development of hardware and software IP components and complete integrated circuits for analog and digital image capture and processing

Added Value for You

Our years of experience in the conception, development and application of new image capture and processing systems allow you to benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Planning and realization of ambitious optical measurement, testing and regulation tasks with
    • Response times in the µs range
    • Image repetition rates in the kHz range
    • Dynamic range of over 120 dB
    • Low space or energy demands
  • Quality assurance via automated full testing
  • Quality improvement through optical process regulation
  • Customer-specific software-defined camera systems for the flexible and efficient implementation of image capture and processing methods
  • Optimization of the complete system costs and the product life cycle

References and More Information

Industrial Reference


Image processing systems for evaluating glass and coating errors in lightbulbs

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The goal of the EnLight partners was to reduce the power consumption of modern LEDs by 40 percent. For this goal, they have developed unconventional innovations.

Reference Project


The partners researched how lighting can adjust automatically to certain situations. Basis was an efficient detection and three-dimensional localisation of movements of persons using a vision system-on-chip.