Business Area Intelligent Sensors & Actuators

Developing solutions for digitalized industry is a main focus of our work. In particular, we are specialized in the development of sensor systems that facilitate near-sensor data processing. One of our principal areas of expertise is industrial image processing. Another is the development of smart sensor nodes for IoT applications in the environment of industry 4.0 applications.

We design sensor systems individually according to the needs of our customers. To do this, we use various highly innovative “building blocks” to develop targeted solutions. In this way, we can offer IoT sensor nodes that fulfill various requirements in terms of integration density (e.g. PCB solution, highly integrated package) or performance capability (e.g. multi-core RISC-V) as needed. Constructed as multi-sensor systems with data fusion capabilities, these intelligent architectures are particularly suited to forming near-sensor AI solutions or edge IoT devices in industrial fields of application.

In addition, we do a lot of work on industrial image processing, which is considered a key technology for the automation of production processes. To meet the constantly rising demands of machine vision, we develop solutions with minimal latency in image capture and processing. To do this, we use standard sensors and components, which we integrate into customized systems according to customer requirements. On top of this, we have also developed our own sensor architecture that meets the highest requirements and facilitates efficient and rapid feature extraction and content-based image acquisition.


Industrial Image Processing

Industrial image processing is considered a key technology for the automation of production processes and is therefore an essential prerequisite for developments in the area of Industry 4.0. In order to live up to the continuously rising requirements on machine vision with minimal latency, further innovations are essential. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is therefore working on software-programmable image sensors (Vision-Systems-on-Chip or VSoC).

Project Examples and References


The goal of the EnLight partners was to reduce the power consumption of modern LEDs by 40 percent. For this goal, they have developed unconventional innovations.


The seamless interplay of cloud, communication and IoT components will be decisive for many applications in the near future. The Flex4Apps project therefore aims to considerably improve the reliability, availability and stability of such systems.

Industrial Reference


Image processing systems for evaluating glass and coating errors in lightbulbs