SystemC and SystemC AMS

General Services Involving SystemC and SystemC AMS

IIS/EAS participated in the development of the SystemC AMS standard. Thanks to the associated expertise, acquired over many years, we are able to offer a variety of services covering all aspects of the language:

  • Design environment COSIDE® for modeling and simulation of complex heterogeneous system
  • Development of models and libraries for SystemC and SystemC AMS
  • Development of models that can be compiled for delivery to customers (these models can be integrated into various design tools, as necessary)
  • Development environments for embedded software design of mixed-signal systems and/or circuits
  • Support and consulting for individual projects based on SystemC or SystemC AMS
  • SystemC/SystemC AMS training courses

New: Our Support and Services for UVM-SystemC

An alternative access to the Universal Verification Methodology has been made available for electronics industry with the integration of UVM into the SystemC free modeling language. Work within the European research project Verdi has made this possible. UVM-SystemC clearly permits much more flexible actions in many areas compared to previous solutions for the verification standard. At the same time, UVM for SystemC is set up the same way as the already established standard.

Based on the class library developed in Verdi, we have now integrated various support and service offerings into our portfolio to open up these new UVM-SystemC options to companies:

  • Consulting and service for your customized projects
  • Simulation of SystemVerilog-UVM models in UVM-SystemC
  • Simulation of UVM-SystemC in SystemVerilog environments
  • UVM-SystemC training