Reliability and Life Cycle Prediction

Our Services

We offer various software tools with which the consequences of malfunctions or aging can be factored into the design of an electronic system at an early stage:

  • The tool HeatVision for rapid thermal chip analysis including seamless integration into the electrical circuit simulation
  • Analysis tool for potential hazards from electromigration and for reliable design of interconnects and vias (add-on tool for Cadence, adaptable for other design systems)
  • Analog fault simulator for determining the effects of parametric and catastrophic faults (stand-alone software, operates in conjunction with various network simulators)

In addition, we support our customers with the following services:

  • Creation of aging models for measured degradation effects and depiction in simulation models
  • Integration of aging models into existing design tools and workflows
  • Modeling of statistical relationships across multiple hierarchy levels
  • Evaluation of self-testing and error tolerance measures
  • Error diagnosis, localization and modeling


We have developed our know-how in the following projects, for example

  • MoRV: The project aims to develop software which better takes into account variations and aging in the circuit designs.
  • RESIST: The partners are developing design processes for microchips and future systems that will permit even better fulfillment of the high quality and reliability requirements.
  • RELY (completed project): The aim is to research new design methods for ensuring quality, reliability and robustness during modern chip and electronics development.
  • Therminator (completed project): The project partner developed design guidelines for components which must function under severe temperature conditions.