Research Topics

Energy Management

We offer a comprehensive portfolio for the optimized "energy management of the future." Fraunhofer IIS / EAS is your competent partner to meet the challenges regarding the topic of energy efficiency. Together we ensure an optimized design of your energy management and purposely increase the efficiency of your company.

We have specially developed methods and procedures by which this potential can be recognized and exploited for systems in buildings, in production and electricity or heat generation.

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Intelligent Energy Management for Buildings

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We conduct intensive research in intelligent concepts for building automation. A comprehensive energy management can lead to significant energy savings. The latest sensor technologies, self-learning strategies and multi-criteria optimization guarantee optimum energy consumption while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Buildings still account for more than 40 per cent of primary energy consumption. Therefore, future concepts of energy-optimization must be based on a holistic integrated energy management in building automization. The future belongs to intelligent "Building Energy Management Systems". These systems optimize, for example, the controls for installed energy sources, energy storage and energy consumers specifically for the application. This way additional savings potential can be used. Apart from minimizing energy consumption, this will also increase the quality of life, comfort and safety.

Intelligent Energy Management in Production

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We offer innovative and cutting-edge methods for simulation-based optimization in industrial production processes. Savings of up to 50% of energy consumption are possible through optimization. We help you to identify new savings potential and exploit these for your own benefit.

An efficient energy management in production can bring a decisive competitive advantage and increase the productivity of your business. The investment in an energy management system can thus be recouped very quickly. Significant savings and optimization potential can be achieved particularly in energy-intensive industries.

Major users come from the following sectors:

  • Building materials
  • Chemicals
  • Glass
  • Metalworking
  • Paper
  • Steel

In many manufacturing facilities of the manufacturing industry there is a clear potential for energy savings. Customized automation solutions enable the improvement of procedures and processes. This will make equipment and systems more energy efficient, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in production costs as well.

We develop methods that allow product-specific energy consumption to be optimized. The following possibilities are available:

  • Simulation models for selected manufacturing or process steps
  • Method for hybrid manufacturing simulation (e.g., melting or painting operations)
  • Prediction on energy consumption
  • Simulation-based optimization
  • Reduction of energy consumption

Our Services

Electrical power supply
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Electrical power supply

Our services range from consulting, energy management, through simulation studies, to the identification of potential savings, up to the creation of complete concepts for building and production automation in terms of the energy efficiency.

We offer you:

We provide the following to reduce energy consumption for buildings and housing developments as well as for production:

  • Energy efficiency consultation based on simulations
  • Creation and analysis of usage and load scenarios
  • Model-based prediction of energy consumption on the basis of analytical and statistical models
  • Simulation-based optimization of energy consumption for new and existing buildings as well as for modernization measures
  • Model-based design methods for energy management systems starting from the system design up to virtual commissioning
  • Development of energy-efficient control and regulation strategies

Benefits for Our Customers

Energy efficiency, optimization and minimization are more important than ever in these times of scarce resources. Benefit from our know-how and many years of expertise and rely on our innovative strength for your "energy management of the future".

Your benefits:

  • Energy and cost reduction
  • Secure and robust systems
  • Consideration of important basic conditions such as quality of life and comfort
  • Vendor independent expertise

The application of model-based tools during the design, configuration and commissioning guarantee an optimized and robust system based on the specific application.

In the end, the distribution of integrated energy management systems will be promoted by reducing design and operating costs (Total Cost of Ownership) thereby resulting in sustainable energy savings during operation.


We have developed our expertise in the course of the following research projects, among others:

  • eeEmbedded: The European project aims at providing architects, engineers and asset managers with the possibility to create reliable energy analyses and predictions for buildings
  • enerMAT (completed prject): The aim is to develop a new kind of holistic energy management system for all installed energy consumers in conjunction with energy storage systems and sources.
  • OptPlanEnergie: Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is working with partners on an optimization and planning platform for energy-efficient production, by the example of safety glass production.
  • SEEDS (completed prject): The European partners from research and industry are working on an open system architecture for intelligent building energy management systems (BEMS)