Newsletter 01/2024

Implementing an own AI solution with expert assistance quickly and without high consultancy fees: The "reAIlize" competition run by Fraunhofer IIS in Dresden offers Saxon companies precisely this opportunity. According to the slogan "We bring your AI idea to life", the institute's Artificial Intelligence Application and Test Center (ATKI) offers the opportunity to have ideas for the use of AI in your own company evaluated by experts free of charge. In addition, the best submission will receive intensive support in the first steps of implementation. Ideas can still be submitted until May 12, 2024.

Ideenwettberb reAIlize am Anwendungs- und Testzentrum KI des Fraunhofer IIS/EAS
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Many companies that expect the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to bring new opportunities for growth and innovation face major challenges when it comes to implementation. This is where the “reAIlize” competition of the Fraunhofer IIS division in Dresden comes in – with a view to making it easier for Saxony-based small and medium-sized businesses in particular to get started with and implement AI. In June 2024, an independent jury will therefore select the five most exciting AI application ideas from the various submissions. These five ideas will each win a one-day workshop with experts from ATKI during the second half of the year. Here, the status quo of their idea will be evaluated, and a possible road map for implementation will be derived for each idea. In addition, the company with the winning submission will receive a prize at a networking event in Dresden on June 20, to which all participants are invited. The company will then also receive a cost-benefit analysis as well as, within six months, intensive support with the initial steps of making its idea a reality. All the company needs to ensure is that it participates actively during the implementation phase and is then available to act as a reference example. The necessary expertise is contributed by Fraunhofer researchers from the Engineering of Adaptive Systems division.

“With this competition, we want to stimulate creativity in companies in Saxony and help overcome the aversion to AI technologies where their use makes sense,” says Katja Lohmann-Schwitale, who is responsible for the reAIlize competition. “Rather than focusing on individual industries, we want to call on all interested companies to take part by April 30. This broad-based approach is also reflected in our jury, which is made up of everything from representatives of various trade networks in Saxony to representatives of the region as a hub for start-ups and innovation.”

More information on the competition and how to apply is available by writing to Lohmann-Schwitale and her team at


The Fraunhofer IIS/EAS AI Application and Test Center

The AI Application and Test Center (ATKI) at Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is a focal point for the development of AI solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. To this end, tailor-made services are developed to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses not only to access artificial intelligence but also to use AI profitably, thereby securing competitive advantages. The center aims to reduce initial hurdles to the use of AI at companies, support rapid implementation of solutions in practice, and establish a platform for passing on practical experience.