Newsletter 01/2021

The motto of this year’s INC Technology and Innovation Summit is “Technology Meets Innovation – Towards an Intelligent and Sustainable Future.” At this event on June 23 and 24, experts will meet decision-makers from the world of industry to exchange ideas on current issues relating to technological transformation. In collaboration with the INC Invention Center, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS will be addressing the field of AI innovation.

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The 15th instalment of the Technology and Innovation Summit will be held in 2021, offering companies a concentrated dose of technological and methodological inspiration in order to facilitate successful processes of innovation. This year’s event will feature virtual streams with a focus on current technology trends – from Industry 4.0 to the hydrogen economy and artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI stream will provide an overview of different aspects of the subject area within industrial applications. How can ethical behavior be taught to AI? What toolbox is available for identifying successful AI use cases? And where are companies already making practical use of AI to achieve a competitive advantage? Successful users of AI, experienced experts, and international operators will share their expertise, as well as examples of best practice and strategic considerations, with those attending the event.

There will be a particular focus on the subject of Edge AI hardware, which current studies predict will experience annual market growth of some 23 percent by 2030. This technology is seen as a promising approach for companies interested in applying artificial intelligence without relying on external cloud servers, which are generally located outside Europe. In such cases, this special hardware with integrated AI algorithms and internal data processing may be the tool of choice for resource-efficient solutions with especially short reaction times.

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