Newsletter 02/2020

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS is joining forces with KEX Knowledge Exchange AG to support AI users with a broad portfolio of measures as they further develop their expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. The project will start in September 2020.

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Interested companies that already use artificial intelligence methods, or are interested in doing so, can now become part of the Saxony consortium project “AI: understand – apply – benefit” and effectively tap the enormous potential of AI technologies.

Together with KEX AG, an experienced service provider of technology and market information, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS will use this project to help Saxony companies of all sizes find the optimum way to apply AI, use it profitably for their company and secure competitive advantages.

The project is much more than just a study designed to provide the consortium partners with valuable information. Rather, it also offers participating companies that are adopting AI all sorts of added value. Not only will they receive a comprehensive overview of relevant AI technologies, developments, trends and business models, they will also benefit from an individual assessment of AI deployment options (“AI Readiness Check”) and the opportunity to further develop internal AI expertise in order to accelerate product and process development. Moreover, the project provides easy access to international, cross-sector partner networks and comprehensive use cases as well as (funding) projects on the topic of AI. In addition, the companies can ensure their own requirements are reflected in the design of a Saxony AI application center and in the preparation of AI training formats.


The consortium project will start in September 2020 at the AI Innovation Days and will then run for approximately nine months.