Newsletter 03/2018

At "electronica" in Munich on 13-16 November 2018, the Fraunhofer IIS/EAS will be presenting its latest solutions in the areas of reliability and robustness in electronics, as well as in automation of analog design.

Automotive electronics at electronica
© Christian Hartlmaier / Messe München GmbH
Automotive electronics at electronica

Munich’s “electronica” is the international trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications. This year, the EAS division will be presenting new offerings in the fields of design methodology and analog design.

The topic of reliability is growing increasingly important – in particular, due to the ongoing processes of structural miniaturization and hetero-integration, and the resulting growing impact of effects caused by technology. For this reason, researchers at the Fraunhofer IIS/EAS have developed models for reliably identifying the lifespan of semiconductors, especially in these fields of application. In this way, design margins can be reduced without negatively affecting robustness or reliability.
Electro-thermic interactions in circuits are also increasing in line with growing integration densities. Our "HeatVision" software tool gives developers complete control over chip temperatures, as well as over the transfer of heat in their design.

In order to increase the operational lifespan of electronic systems – which are often subject to an extremely wide range of loads – we have developed self-monitoring processes, especially for safety-critical applications. Together with failure-prevention mechanisms, this makes it possible to reliably predict the remaining lifespan of electronics, and to intervene before individual components fail in the event of acute damage.

Finally, our trade-fair portfolio is rounded off by the EAS division's "Intelligent IP". Although digital circuit design is largely automated nowadays, analog components are still generally designed manually. What's more, this task is growing increasingly complex and error-prone for designers. Intelligent IPs therefore offer designers a reliable and tested solution for automating the design of analog circuits, and for increasing design reliability.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Fraunhofer stand 426 in hall C5.