Customer reference verification workflow

Customer Reference:
Optimization of a Design and Verification Workflow

Solutions for onboard networks in the automotive sector are implemented with the help of high-performance mixed-signal components. This includes transceivers for the High-Speed Controller-Area-Network bus (HS-CAN bus). Because of the ever-increasing requirements placed by the automotive industry on products, which must be compact, inexpensive and energy-efficient, new solutions are in demand. The topic of reliability, including with regard to electromagnetic compatibility or electrostatic discharges, also plays an ever-growing role.

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS supported a company that provides services in connection with these demanding objectives. The decisive factor here was the extensive know-how in the design of complex circuits, the verification of system models and the automation of workflows. In a joint project, existing HS-CAN products were further developed and the design and verification workflow was improved. In addition, the division EAS assisted in the development of new, optimized products that live up to the rising demands for reliability and energy-efficiency. The main tasks included the introduction of the ISO 11898-6 standard and the associated development of new system models as well as the creation of test scenarios. These efforts contributed to the creation of new, integrated semiconductors that save more energy, thereby increasing the product lifespan. A new design process was also introduced that accelerated the product development and verification, making these processes more cost-efficient.