Research Topics

Functional Safety

Developers are often faced with the challenge of having to model complex systems across several levels of abstraction space. We support our customers with tools and services to manage such projects. In addition to other modeling languages we have built up an especially extensive knowledge for SystemC. We specialize in particular in the support of SystemC AMS, SystemC TLM and UVM-SystemC, as well as in the automatic transfer of VHDL models into SystemC models.

Our offer also includes user-friendly product libraries and tools, as well as tutorials for the day-to-day use of SystemC, VHDL, and SystemVerilog. Our portfolio is rounded out by tool and model development and customizations.

Areas of application that are in continuous developments are (selection):

  • Automotive industry
  • Communication systems
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Sensor networks
  • Automation systems

Why SystemC?

chip design
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  • Simulations from abstract TLM models through software on to transistors, in a language for different abstraction spaces
  • Extremely rapid simulation and verification of entire systems, including analog and digital hardware as well as software
  • Effective verification of mixed-signal systems
  • Handling of large models
  • Support for various levels of abstraction
  • Use of existing C / C++ libraries for mixed-signal system modeling
  • Exchange of compiled models of mixed-signal systems, ensuring IP protection