Newsletter 04/2021

Together with partners, we are currently laying the groundwork for “Achieving Excellence in Edge AI,” a benchmarking study set to commence in March 2022. The study aims to give participating companies exclusive insights into existing technologies and future development paths. Interested companies can still register to take part.

Edge-KI-Studie des Fraunhofer IIS/EAS und des INC Invention Centers
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Edge-KI-Studie des Fraunhofer IIS/EAS und des INC Invention Centers

As the range of applications for artificial intelligence continues to grow, companies are often left facing an increasing number of new challenges and questions. Do they have the resources to deal with such large data streams? Can data be analyzed quickly enough to make real-time recommendations and low-latency decisions? Is data transferred in accordance with data protection law?

Edge AI may have the answer to these questions. It allows data to be processed directly on the end device – referred to as the edge – and is not dependent on cloud solutions that might be insecure or insufficiently reliable. This could well mark an important step forward when it comes to meeting customer needs in the future. It may also lead to the emergence of new business areas within a company.

In our benchmarking study, we are working together with partners and participating companies to identify the most promising edge AI use cases. The study will also provide exclusive access to a preliminary assessment of edge AI applications, as well as an opportunity to draw comparisons with other high-performance companies in the market and to discuss challenges. Participants will ultimately gain a road map that unites technology with practical application and will serve as a guide to edge AI for the years ahead.

The benchmarking study will commence on March 29, 2022 and run until December 2022. Companies from a wide range of industries can take part in this consortium project, which specifically addresses (potential) users of edge AI, including those from the fields of industrial automation, automotive, semiconductors, mechanical and industrial engineering, and healthcare.