Project EnLight

Project Enlight
Project Enlight

Project Goals

The purpose of EnLight is to develop unconventional, innovative lighting solutions that optimally combine optical, thermal and electrical aspects in LEDs. Intelligent lighting systems should expand the degree of design freedom while also being flexible and user-oriented.


EnLight combines new technologies with entrepreneurial potential and the expectations of the users. The project is taking two approaches:

1. Technology:

The goal is to significantly reduce the energy consumption of LED lighting systems for various applications. For this purpose, the partners intend to optimize modules such that they ideally integrate LEDs, heat management systems, operating elements, electronics or other components. In addition, they will investigate cost-effective solutions for new types of lighting units and work on the automation of lighting systems. To accomplish this, the partners will develop sensors that reliably detect the presence of people in rooms, new algorithms, a robust electronic architecture and efficient interfaces.

2. Application concepts:

To ensure the success of the project, user- and manufacturer-friendliness are also being considered. The EnLight application concepts are tailored for specific user groups and commercial sectors. For example, they can be used in conference rooms, hotel rooms or lounges in order to increase comfort or in office rooms in order to make intelligent and efficient use of the lighting energy.


Project status: completed


The German partners' work was integrated into the European ENIAC Joint Undertaking program and supported within the national research program „ITC 2020 - Research for Innovation“ of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.