Project enerMAT

Project enerMAT
Project enerMAT

By 2015, the five partners in the “enerMAT” project, all of which are based in Saxony, intend to develop a process by which energy management systems for entire building installations can be developed in ways individually adapted to their specific purposes. The goal is for buildings to use only exactly as much energy as actually required while maintaining the same high level of comfort. Implementing this basic concept places entirely new demands on the level of automation.

Solution approach

An integrated approach that encompasses all installed components is essential for future automated building concepts with minimal energy consumption. This is the only way to develop an individual and optimal overall solution that exhausts the full energy-saving potential of building technology.

A suitable design method should assist in meeting the requirements for building energy management systems. The project partners are working on new concepts and software tools for the planning and implementation of building control systems and automation solutions that minimize energy use. These tools will enable virtual building concepts that include the algorithms and operating scenarios for optimized control. The focus always lies on considering and simulating the complete system. This allows the control system for the entire building to be reliably evaluated using models even before it is put into use.

As a research institute with an emphasis on design automation, IIS/EAS is responsible within the project for the methodology of model-based design, modeling methods and the creation of models for formal verification and optimization as well as code generation. The division is also participating in the measurement-based model validation and adaptation.


Project status: completed

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie

enerMAT was supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.