Project Goals

Modern industrial robots sometimes operate in secure areas in order to avoid endangerment of operating personnel. As a result, access to the system may only be possible while it is deactivated. In future production processes for efficient and flexible products, however, human and automated work steps must be increasingly intertwined. SANITAS lays the groundwork for this by enabling a consistent verification process extending across the entire value creation chain – from semiconductor companies to the manufacturers of the end product. This method can be employed already during the development phase of the system components in order to identify errors even before the actual production. This project will for the first time make possible a closed design process for complex systems that function reliably already upon their first commissioning.


The project partners are taking the following requirements into consideration:

  • Effective intertwining of the various levels of product creation
  • Guaranteeing communication between system integrators and subsystem suppliers
  • Supply of the highest quality

For this purpose, virtual system prototypes are used as reference models and the verification environments created automatically. This takes place in phases:

  1. System definition at the level of product development
  2. Verification of the subsystem at the level of the chip manufacturer
  3. System verification at the level of product development


The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.