Functional Safety

Expert Tools and Libraries

Add individualized expansions to your applications by including the following expert tools and libraries

Hardware-in-the-Loop with SystemC

You can use the tool to integrate systems into the design flow with SystemC. This facilitates running models in real-time hardware and testing algorithms in SystemC.

VHDL SystemC Converter

Our converter allows you to transfer VHDL models in SystemC. This means they will be able to run independently from the original and can be passed on to a customer, for instance, with IP protection.

SystemC AMS

SystemC Libraries (TLM Modeling, Statistics Simulation, Fault Injection)

The TLM modeling library simplifies TLM modeling in SystemC. It contains various elements that are typically used to quickly create TLM systems. The SystemC Statistic Simulation Library facilitates the creation of statistical simulations in SystemC, e.g. simulating parameter control (Corner-Cases, Monte-Carlo). The SystemC Fault Injection Library contains methods for injecting errors into SystemC models. Controlling the bit error rates and injection points makes realistic error distribution possible.

model library
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