Modelica Training

Learn about the world of Modelica

Modelica is a freely available, object-oriented language for the modeling of complex physical systems in which various components interact, such as electrical, hydraulic, mechanical or thermal elements.

Our experts will introduce you to the fundamentals of Modelica. Applications in modeling, the use of typical simulators and analysis of the results will also be discussed in addition to fundamental concepts of the language. The one-day basic course is an ideal way to get started with using Modelica.

Participants will quickly learn about the possibilities and potential of the language and will then be ready to independently solve problems in their own field of work.


Key points·        

  • Introduction to the language
  • Overview of the tools
  • Modeling of equations
  • Algorithms and functions
  • Instantiation and connectors
  • Inheritance
  • Annotations and graphs
  • Overview of Modelica standard library
  • Concluding example

Course length

One day of 8 hours, including lunch break

Who should take the course?

Users and interested persons who have no or little knowledge of Modelica. The course is of particular interest for:

  • Engineers of all fields
  • Mathematicians
  • Scientists

Number of participants

The Modelica course can be held with a minimum of eight participants.

Participation fee

The participation fee is EUR 490.00 plus VAT per person.   


The course can take place at Fraunhofer IIS/EAS in Dresden or at your location, if desired. Directions for finding us are available here.

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