Science for Everyone

The Dresden division of Fraunhofer IIS regularly opens its laboratories for young and old hobby researchers at various events.



Dresden Long Night of Science

Once per year, science enthusiasts of all ages can spend seven hours strolling through the research facilities of the city, discovering laboratories and auditoriums. The EAS Division of Fraunhofer IIS also opens its doors during this event.


Junior Doctor

Pupils get an insight into research, culture and engineering in Dresden, Germany. There are also events for the program of the Junior Doctor, offered by the EAS Division of Fraunhofer IIS.


Girls' Day

On Girls' Day, girls of class 5 and higher have the opportunity to learn about interesting professions. Companies, factories, public agencies and research institutes throughout Germany open their doors to the girls on this day.


Students of the higher primary school grades should be offered a practical perspective on the career opportunities open to them. For this reason, Fraunhofer in Dresden offers them the opportunity to get to know the institutes or facilities engaged in the respective research topics.