Optical Sensors - Activity Detection

Our Services

Fraunhofer IIS/EAS offers its presence detection solution for various implementation levels. Each of these levels can be expanded with software modules for detecting the number of independent objects, the position and direction of movement as well as the entering or exiting of defined regions. The hardware can be networked via Ethernet, Zigbee or Bluetooth.

1. Software solution for existing camera systems

  • Image capture via
  • Network streaming or
  • External cameras (USB, GigE Vision)
  • Image processing via
  • Software on a standard PC
  • Parameterization via Web interface or network packetse

2. System based on an integrated camera unit

  • Image capture via
  • Integrated camera module with lens
  • Image processing via
  • FPGA system with embedded ARM
  • Parameterization via Web interface or network packets

3. System based on image sensor system-on-chip

  • Image capture via
  • Integrated HDR image sensor system-on-chip with lens
  • Image processing via
  • Image sensor SoC and ARM microcontroller
  • Parameterization via Web interface or network packet

Reference Project

We have developed our expertise in the course of the following research project, among others:

  • EnLight (completed project): The goal of the project is to reduce the power consumption of modern LEDs by 40 percent. Against this background, the partners develop unconventional lighting solutions that optimally combine optical, thermal and electrical aspects in LEDs.