Integrated Sensor Electronics

Intelligent sensors are fundamental for many technical innovations of the future – whether in the automotive sector, in industrial automation or in medical technology. The basis for these sensors are integrated circuits with digital and analog elements also known as mixed-signal ICs. However, with the progressing miniaturization of technologies and the application specific requirements the design complexity of these ICs is increasing. Especially the analog section accounts for high development costs and design risks due to a low degree of automation.

Our longtime experience in design automation as well as in the design of mixed-signal IPs and ASICs enables us to increase the efficiency of your design. For our customers we develop robust, reliable and application-oriented IC solutions.

Our Focus

Design of mixed-signal IPs and ASICs in micro-technologies

  • Qualified for sensor applications in industrial automation, medical technology and automotive electronics
  • Core competency in the design of analog-digital/digital-analog converters and analog signal conditioning
  • Covering mainstream CMOS technologies as well as BiCMOS, SOI and HV technologies
  • Manufacturer independent, i.a. for X-FAB (350nm, 180nm, 130nm)

Design of mixed-signal IPs in ultra-deep sub-micron-technologies

  • Based on new circuitry concepts for ultra-low-power circuits and digitally-assisted analog design
  • Qualified for future »Internet of Things« applications and energy self-sufficient sensor nodes
  • Manufacturer independent, i.a. for Globalfoundries (40nm, 28nm, 22nm FD-SOI) and STMicroelectronics (28nm FD-SOI)

Development of innovative intelligent IPs for mixed-signal designs

  • High reusability regardless of differing manufacturers or technology nodes
  • Flexible regarding electrical, geometrical and topology requirements
  • Automated generation of entire design data (schematics, layout, simulation model, test bench etc.)

We are able to cover the entire value chain of the ASIC design including series production for small and medium quantities.

Our silicon-proven mixed-signal IPs mainly covering ADCs and DACs are available within our IP-Portal and can be used for the development of ASICs in research projects or in product development.

The Virtual ASIC Foundry at Fraunhofer IIS also permits the production of small ASIC quantities. Packaged and tested ASICs are available starting with quantities of a few hundred.