Wireless-networked Automation

Our Services

We support our customers in the planning, commissioning, as well as the status and interference analysis of wireless-networked automation systems. We work with our customers to analyze the requirements of the specific application and evaluate various wireless technologies in terms of their suitability. Leveraging our measurement and diagnostics system, which we have developed in-house, we capture environment-specific radio conditions with groundbreaking accuracy and are thus in a position to advise you optimally on the use of wireless technologies.

Examples of wireless communication technologies in industrial environments

Examples of wireless communication technologies in industrial environments

Our services at a glance:

  • Feasibility studies on the deployment of wireless technologies in industrial and building automation
  • Customer-specific planning and support in the selection of technologies and systems, as well as acceptance testing of wireless networks
  • Wireless measurement for the evaluation of existing radio conditions (radio propagation, interference, and coexistence situation) and of transmission reserves
  • Reliability and robustness analysis of wireless systems
  • Interference diagnostics by means of the metrological identification of causes and the development of possible solutions
  • Development of measurement systems for ongoing status monitoring as well as the preventive identification of sources of interference
  • Development of customer-specific prototypes of wireless systems

Coexistence of wireless networks: How to avoid malfunctions during production

When using more than one wireless network in industry automation, coexistence problems can easily occur - as the video shows. The Wireless Network Analyzer developed by Fraunhofer IIS/EAS monitors the transmission quality of the networks and identifies potential failure sources in advance.

Reference Projects

We have developed our expertise in the course of the following research projects, among others:

  • RAdCoM (completed project): The RAdCoM project involves the development of a surveillance system for bridges and other structures on the basis of wireless communication. It is specifically adapted to the difficult conditions encountered in rail transport.
  • RobAn (completed project): The project is working on technical aids and software tools that can realistically evaluate the functional capability of a new wireless solution in industrial automation as early as during the planning phase.
  • RoSeNet (completed project): The project aimed to develop a new type of design platform for wireless sensor networks.