Energy Management

Intelligent Energy Management in Production

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We offer innovative and cutting-edge methods for simulation-based optimization in industrial production processes. Savings of up to 50% of energy consumption are possible through optimization. We help you to identify new savings potential and exploit these for your own benefit.

An efficient energy management in production can bring a decisive competitive advantage and increase the productivity of your business. The investment in an energy management system can thus be recouped very quickly. Significant savings and optimization potential can be achieved particularly in energy-intensive industries.

Major users come from the following sectors:

  • Building materials
  • Chemicals
  • Glass
  • Metalworking
  • Paper
  • Steel

In many manufacturing facilities of the manufacturing industry there is a clear potential for energy savings. Customized automation solutions enable the improvement of procedures and processes. This will make equipment and systems more energy efficient, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in production costs as well.

We develop methods that allow product-specific energy consumption to be optimized. The following possibilities are available:

  • Simulation models for selected manufacturing or process steps
  • Method for hybrid manufacturing simulation (e.g., melting or painting operations)
  • Prediction on energy consumption
  • Simulation-based optimization
  • Reduction of energy consumption