Distributed Data Processing & Control

Research Topics


Self-learning Condition Monitoring

Unplanned downtimes or unnecessary component exchanges create preventable costs and reduce productivity. Fraunhofer IIS/EAS developed an Condition Monitoring approach for an intelligent and independent monitoring of system components. The quick and user-friendly solution saves time, effort and thereby costs as well.


Wireless-networked Automation

In automation, wireless communication is more flexible and often more cost-effective than wired solutions. Wireless technologies can work just as reliably in this setting. However, for this to occur, interferences during transmission must be avoided. This is why we support you to plan and operate such systems securely – or to also analyze existing disturbances.

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Energy Management

Even today inefficient energy systems still waste resources in many areas. We have therefore developed methods and procedures which can recognize and exploit this potential.

In the future, adaptive systems will increasingly help us solve complex problems. They also help to avoid mistakes and to make particularly efficient use of resources. A basic prerequisite for this is the utilization of sensor data, which the systems often collect on a large scale. The Fraunhofer IIS/EAS develops solutions that allow these diverse quantities of data to be processed highly efficiently and through self-learning and to be interpreted. On this bases, we can derive optimal strategies for the control of systems.

Our methods are based on cutting-edge statistical analysis techniques coupled with many years of expertise, such as in data processing in distributed systems. In addition to reliable adaptive controls, strategies for the predictive maintenance of plants or for the quality management of automation systems emerge. Optimized energy management is another focus of our work; it specifically helps to increase the efficiency of plants and companies and to take advantage of potential savings.